Material :Reinforce ABS .The liners of soft and air-permeability mesh and strengthen tough PC's lens.


1、The certification of US Department of Transportation( DOT) and Chinese National Standards (CNS).

2、The air afloat inside helmet easily and spontaneously because the appearance accords with aerodynamics and aerodynamically-shaped ventilation design. So that keeping the helmet pleasing and comfortable.

3、In order to keep the helmet's inside cleanly, with the high-level and high-density Foaming can up to high-efficiency to absorb the
dynamical ability . Also, with the polystyrene airflow passage perfectly, cut down exhaust gas and high temperature  effectively.

4、Skin-to-skin your head, get rid of moisture and hot-gas immediately.
With full- demountable soft liner and comfort cut design. The cheek-belt coating sponge to increase degree of comfort. 

5、The DD button makes sure it's very safe and tight so that it can fit into everyone.

6、Built-in smoked-slide closes off bright light and anti-UV.
Out-slide can stop rain and wind so as to provide more extended field of vision .

7、The slide and ear-cap are Quick-detachable screw which easy knock down and not easy fall off.

8、Weights: 1300±50g.

colour decoration

With the abundant stereo helmet's broken line, no matter ventilation accessories or helmet object all by high standards and high style and supports a lot of kinds unique and wonderful colour decoration selection.
To satisfied with personal preference and manner.

mode: Hummer


Technical Note