• We use the top-quality material in our leather suits . Now we focus on each rider

Huangxin, is a fast-growing agent of imported cars & motorcycles, spare parts import and export company. Over the years, Huangxin played a supporting role in educating the Chinese and Taiwanese markets of the importance of safety. In a few short years we have grown to be one of Taiwan's largest motorcycle and automobile products importers. When the importation business was on track, LEON LEE – the key Manager of Huangxin started thinking about creating a brand that is unique to Taiwan that stands for safety and quality. This was when SBK was birthed. SBK is today an international motorcycle products brand. SBK is a brand started by Taiwan Subaike enterprises in 2004, and in 2005 began research and development of various equipment, SBK was actively sponsoring riders for various local races both at home and abroad.  With the rapid and deliberate  developments, more and more focus went into the design of product safety and performance, at the same time appealing to the younger generation of riders.


Group SBK RACING SPORTS grew very quickly because we offer reasonable prices for high quality products.
We work with top designers and manufacturers in the region to develop products that are practical and suitable for all types of bikers. We love riding and the passion drove us to come up with products that capture the spirit of racing while always keep a look out for safety. You will find all kinds of protectors in SBK's product line. No matter what type and style of riding you are interested in, SBK is always there with you, so that you can ENJOY THE SPEED with the peace of mind. We would like our users to have these 2 important elements when they are on their bikes at all times.


We cooperate closely with YF-Design JAPAN for our range of helmet, gloves, jackets, pants, accessories…etc. We strive to launch new designs and new products actively meeting the current trends and needs. SBK is global minded and chooses to develop quality products according to international standard.


If you are looking for a vibrant and growing work environment, We offer opportunities to develop your skills and display your talents in a conducive environment. Please send your detailed resume to this MAIL:[email protected]


Sponsorship applications: applications to be submitted from July to November annually, for next year's races. We will consider both individual and team sponsorships if you are ranked Top 5 in the races for the current year. Sponsorships for school educational activities with advertisers can also write in to our company for discussions. Kindly furnish as much information as possible, as it will assist us in the assessments. Please send your detailed application to this E-Mail: [email protected]


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